Dave has worked for several companies in many financial roles, including controller, and has owned a small business for 10 years. Dave has an MBA in Finance from U of MN Mankato. He has also taught accounting for undergraduate students, as well as Fundamental Math for the students that did not pass the entrance exam to be admitted to college.  In Dave’s world, numbers have a clarity that eludes other fields.
Dave enjoys traveling, reading, and Sudoku.  His most memorable trip was the year after his late wife passed away.  He was feeling sort of lost and mentioned to his daughter that he might drive to Alaska the following year.  Dave’s daughter grabbed that thought and told him she would meet him there with her son.  Since Dave couldn’t back out, he was gone for 31 days.  14 were spent driving alone to and from Alaska, and 17 days were spent vacationing with his family.  He came back refreshed and optimistic.  Dave’s personal motto is “Remember have a great day-it is your choice.”