• Designs For Learning has been honored with the 2014 When Work Works Award for its use of effective workplace strategies to increase business and employee success.
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  • Enhancing the core: comprehensive, personalized services to Minnesota charter schools.
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  • Expanding our client base within Minnesota: actively pursuing services to small businesses, non-profits and non-charter schools.
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About Us

Since 1995, Designs for Learning (DL) has brought a broad range of experience to the complex and inter-related tasks of founding, developing, managing and growing self-sufficient charter schools. We are unique -- we can cost-effectively carry out services for our clients -- but we also can train and equip their staff to perform these tasks. By partnering with our clients, we can continuously tailor services that will meet their changing needs.


Designs for Learning supports schools and other organizations through:
  • Business office, human resource, technology, leadership support, program evaluation and individualized education systems
  • Supporting innovative learning initiatives


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